Your People, Your Success, True’s Training

Change is the new normal. Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) is an approach that takes into account the influx of disruptions by providing a service that is of highest value to business and learners alike.

With proven and sustainable value, TaaS combines the benefits of a traditional shared services model with a flexible design, development, and delivery approach that keeps pace with today’s cloud and SaaS software. TaaS is an ideal, cost-efficient solution for large, globally dispersed, tech-forward organizations.

True’s TaaS infuses high-touch opportunities and fosters customer relationships by emphasizing agility in today’s world.

Full Service

True’s TaaS can provide a pre-integrated, off-the-shelf solution, a fully customized solution, or any variation in between to best meet your specific needs.

Strategy & Concept

Strategic Planning and Decision Support – responsive, predictive, and thorough.


Content and Platform – multi-modal, multi-lingual, virtual and/or live.

Curriculum Design

Design Blueprint Creation – creative and innovative while focusing on collaboration and agreed upon results.

Delivery & Deployment

Client Review, Testing, Hosting and LMS Tracking – our approach takes into account ease of access, learning effectiveness, scalability, learner satisfaction, and industry satisfaction.

Post Training Metrics & Reinforcement

Results Measured, Adoption Delivered – guaranteeing our work and standing behind our promises with ongoing metrics and reporting.


Flexible, experienced resources – supporting your systems, processes, and strategies – where and when you need them most.

*Purposefully-built training facilities across the United States

*Multiple training deployment capabilities: live onsite, live web-based, self-paced eLearning, virtual classrooms

*Tens of thousands trained in Agile Methodology, Emerging Technologies, Tech Systems, Compliance, Leadership, and Change Management

*Yearly certification of over 8,000 field sales and technology representatives

*Experience with distributed workforces

*Industries served include Quick Service Restaurant, Pharmaceutical, Supply Chain, Food Distribution, and Manufacturing