True’s Virtual Spirit Week

Here at True, we are extremely proud of our unique, one-of-a-kind culture. One of the hardest parts about having to shift our entire company to work remotely is not being able to see each other. Like so many, our Team Members are missing the face to face interactions with each other. We never realized how valuable it is to be able to grab lunch with coworkers, catch up with folks in the kitchen while grabbing a coffee, or exchange a simple, friendly “Hello!” as you cross paths in the hallways.

We have worked incredibly hard to build and maintain our True culture, and we certainly were not going to let distance change that. With that in mind we decided to host our first ever True Spirit Week with a different theme for each day. Team Members were asked to follow the daily theme, send in a picture to be shared with the whole True Team and on our social media accounts with the promise of prizes for creativity.

We kicked off the week with “MLB Monday” and asked Team Members to send a picture wearing something to showcase their favorite MLB Team. With everyone missing baseball season, it felt great to don a jersey or cap and show some team spirit. Naturally, this also sparked the age-old Cubs/Sox debate amongst the True Team, proving that some things will never change.

Tuesday became “True’s-day” for us, and we all pulled out some of our True gear and wore our colors, Blue and Green, with pride. From zip ups, to polos, to coffee mugs, and even a flask, we loved seeing everyone wear our logo together! Seeing all the different “SWAG” items was also a fun reminder of the different holidays and True events we have celebrated together where we received these items. We’ve had a great deal of fun together as a company and are looking forward to everything that lies ahead for us as well.

On “Workout Wednesday” we asked the Team to send a picture of themselves working out. While some of our Team Members located in warmer climates were able to take advantage of nice weather with long walks and runs outdoors, some folks had to get a little more creative. We saw glimpses of our Team Members’ at home gyms and even a garage turned into a temporary cycling studio for rainy days! One of our favorite pictures was of a Team Member, whose birthday fell on Workout Wednesday, enjoying a little celebration that proved you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

The highlight of the week came on “Thankful Thursday” which was the best representation of our commitment to give back. We asked Team Members to either do something kind for our essential workers or to support a charity in need. We were overwhelmed, but not surprised, by the results. From decorations on doors to thank postal and delivery workers, to donations made to numerous charities that are near and dear to our Team, to purchasing gifts for medical professional friends, to ordering pizza to be delivered to front line workers, our True Team was thoughtful, generous, and True-ly compassionate.

We wrapped up the week on “Foodie Friday” with Team Members sending in pictures and recipes of the different foods they have cooked up during this quarantine. It was exciting to see the creative new things folks have been trying which proves that even in such a strange time, there are still some bright spots.

All in all, it was a great week and a great reminder that even though we are physically apart right now, we are still part of one of the greatest Teams and Companies out there. Missing each other has made us appreciate how lucky we are to have each other. Our True Culture is built on the ideas that while we work hard, we certainly know how to play hard and the extreme importance of giving back to those in need. Our True Spirit Week was an excellent reminder that even during a time when so many things have change, our True Culture never will.