Doug Rodewald

Chief Digital Officer

Commerce and digital engagement have always been a passion of Doug’s regardless of the channel, client or technology used. Delivering and supporting the right interaction, transaction, data and experience is what inspires Doug’s daily work. As a player in the retail and commerce industry for the past 15+ years, Doug has been able to witness and participate in an amazing period of transformation.

Today, Doug is proud to be the Chief Digital Officer of True Group, Inc., a certified woman-owned business. True began in 2004, with Doug joining in 2017 and playing an integral role in expanding True’s presence in new verticals and growing its services focused on digital technology and payments. Doug likes to say he spends his time split between assisting True’s clients solve challenging transformational problems, establishing new client and partner relationships, and staying active in the broader technology industry to learn about emerging trends and players.

Throughout his career, Doug has been fortunate to become a subject matter expert in retail, payments and digital solutions with years of experience building, managing and running consultancies. During this period, Doug has had the great fortune to work with some of the world’s leading retailers spanning every day spend categories. Each client and project have further taught Doug valuable lessons related to the business side of technology, working at scale, meeting cross-functional expectations, and supporting executive leadership. Looking forward, Doug is excited to continue the amazing client and partner relationships he has formed and build new ones via exceptional delivery and focus.

Doug is a husband, father of two young boys, a forever Chicagoan living in Michigan and a passionate, well respected executive in the commerce industry. Doug is currently a Technology and Payment Advisor to his small town and his family is active with Save the Children and multiple animal shelters.